Beacons Deliver the Experience A beacon-triggered ecosystem connect and engage with audiences in a theater, an event, a concert venue an arena, or a stadium.


More spend with beacon promotions
Statistics from The Warriors’s Oakland arena show that people who received beacon promotional offers spend 93% more than those without such offers.

Increase Sales

No need to get up, you can order drinks and food from the comfort of your seats or even collect purchased merchandise from pick-up points.

Geolocation and operations

Increase convenience and maximize operations by directing attendees to seats, exits & entrances and the shortest concession lines.

Business Network

Identify the people in your company and point them in the right direction.


Send interesting facts, personalized greetings, offers, multimedia or history.

Content Marketing

Increase customer loyalty by providing them with delightful and surprising moments, promotions, offers.


Create new revenue streams  by digitally leasing your proximity and location to sponsors and mobile apps of your choosing.


Major League Baseball stadiums
Pro baseball is implementing the beacon technology with 20 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams participating.

Deploy beacons, app and platform!

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