Built for Indoor Mobile Marketing

Our end-to-end platform gives you an effective and powerful way to engage with users of your mobile app through our one of a kind combination of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, geofencing and analytics.
Increase sales, boost loyalty and drive engagement by delivering mobile content that is tailored to your user’s context.

What we can do

Web Road 66TM offers the most accurate and complete first-party location data for tailored engagement.
With easy-to-use APIs for developers and strong controls for customers, Web Road 66TM closes the gap between the digital and physical worldsby creating new possibilities for developers, advertisers, retailers, venues and brands.
Push your customized communication in real-time and maximize loyalty & engagement with users as they arrive, dwell and depart with Web Road 66TM.
Improve your mobile app experiences by knowing more about campaign effectiveness and real-world trends. We provide data integration of comprehensive offline-online analytics for existing analytic providers.
Set up, configure, update and analyze your location network with Web Road 66TM’s all-encompassing user interface that easily allows you to manage each section of your proximity and location-based network, from user communications to beacons to geofences.

Beacon Agnostic

Make it your own
While Web Road 66TM works seamlessly with one of the most accurate wired beacon in the industry from reelyActive, WebRoad66 also supports any beacon and protocol such as iBeacon, AltBeacon, and Eddystone.

Most flexible digital platform

Custom Business Rules per category

Personalized digital signage

Real Time

ROI statistics

Real Time

Automatic reports

Real Time

Targeted notification

Real Time

Traffic analytics

Real Time

VIP customer services

Real Time