Beacon-triggered ecosystems Increase Sales and Loyalty with Proximity Marketing

Adapt to shifts in mobile behaviour with proximity marketing

How we can help you
Users generate valuable data every time their smartphones make a connection while scanning the airwaves. These connections occur millions of times every day and are a powerful opportunity for in-the-moment engagement with consumers.

The new way of engaging consumers

Whether a user is walking through the neighborhood, entering a store, or browsing a particular aisle, your marketer should be able to take advantage of these fleeting moments and use them to build relationships that’ll give you a long lasting competitive advantage.

Amazing Benefits for Leading Retailers

More Reach. More Sales. More Loyalty.

Driving Foot Traffic

Extending time spent by customers in-store

Generating more Sales

Improving your Conversion Rate

Increasing the size of your basket

Growing and getting repeat visits

Seeing is believing

See it in action

Remote Management

You are in control
Monitor your beacon network in real-time across all your locations, and remain in full control of content management and client interaction.

Real-Time Analytics

Anywhere, any time
Constantly measure the ROI. Get valuable consumer traffic data and improve your in-store marketing strategies.

In other words